Enclosure Selection

RiffPod render

The render above is what we wanted the RiffPod enclosure to look like. However, custom enclosures are very expensive to manufacture (injection molding) and are cost effective only for quantities more that 10K units. Our Kickstarter campaign will be for 500 to 1K units.

The cost effective option for us is to go for a standard enclosure. Enclosure manufacturers offer standard options with end bezels. The end bezels can be customised by lazer cutting to fit the connectors of our PCB. This means that we will need to change our PCB design:

  • The board dimensions should match one of the standard options
  • The connectors need to be moved to sides with the end bezels

Takaya enclosure

I have ordered a few aluminum enclosures to evaluate. Metal enclosures will impact WiFi range. I need to ensure that the WiFi range is not too affected, given that the end bezels will be plastic and have holes for the connectors.